Solutions – our one-stop service

Electric balancers are most flexible by greatest variety of handles and precise control

That’s why we assess in situ. Our range of services and products supplied includes all stages of a project as well as comprehensive service. Modular handling systems allow for quicker and more cost-efficient implementation of solutions. All left to do is the adjustment to the specific product or development of the lifting devices. We also produce the jibs, columns, and manipulators matching the task, of course.

We are your one-stop provider for the overall system, thus ensuring optimal availability without compromise.

We align our services to your specific objective, just as our solutions align with your individual requirements. That’s why we assess in situ.
The use of standard parts, short response times for special needs as well as the long-term service availability provide security for your investment as well as maximum flexibility in integration of e-Motion handling systems in changing process tasks.

  • Adapted and integrated gripping and lifting devices
  • Recessed operator handle mount at the lifting device
  • Key-driven operator handle
  • Sensor-controlled operation, with extended handle too
  • Integrated mains supply
  • All capacity ranges up to 1000 kg, wire rope and chain based balancers
  • Equally most precise with 1 millimeter per second or 60 meter per minute
  • Application-specific gripper production and functional integration
  • Integrated control for vacuum gripper
  • Signaling and evaluation for load and lift limits
  • Gripping tool construction 2D / 3D
  • Multiple controls simultaneously available
  • Continuous and delicate one-hand operation
  • Appropriate proposal and supply of manipulator and rail based solutions
  • Project and maintenance services

We provide assembly, maintenance, and start-up as well as periodic APR checks for systems produced and supplied by us.