Gorbel Products

G-Force Construction kit system

We provide the entire system in alignment with your specific requirements. We assess the task at hand, the available space, the work area, the gripper systems, and the required lifting force. We develop your system profile with comprehensive expertise from many years of experience in service and projects. Procedures in handling are company-specific tasks which rarely can be coped with by using an off-the-shelf product. Handling systems need to provide safe, smooth, and ergonomic support for employees.

Your advantages

  • Feasibility studies and concept design
  • Development of flexible solutions
  • Effortless operation and ergonomics
  • Application of high-quality and compatible components
  • Scalable technology
  • Every system combinable with any control unit
  • Assembly, maintenance, start-up
  • The single-supplier all-in-one system
  • Drehdurchführung für Steuerleitung und Druckluftzufuhr
  • Perfect handling solutions

G-Force Electro balancer

The smart servo technology for balancing and lifting loads of up to 600 kg. The innovative balancers allow moving loads with such ease that they follow the natural movements of the operators' arms. Hence our handling systems serve as if they were extended arms.

Ergonomic, effortless, and fast lifting with highest precision. Our lifting systems are able to work in any position and are therefore found everywhere - combined with pivoting and articulated arms as well as with gantries or as a sensor controlled Z-axis drive with balancer function for variable loads. Regardless which controls or drive force you need, all systems are equipped with a load indicator and can be run in balancer mode.

Your advantages

  • Continuous speed control
  • Impressive speed
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Safer than manual handling
  • Integrated load limitation
  • Safety in the event of power failure
  • Balancer mode can be activated
  • More cost-efficient than complete robot-systems
  • Highest dynamic and precision
  • Fastest and precise lifting system word-wide

G-Force Controls

Flexibility through versatile operator handle variants and their possible combinations provide flexibility and can be integrated directly at the gripper tool. The use of high-quality compatible components allows developing flexible systems for constantly new challenges in handling loads of up to 600 kg. The one-hand twist handle control is construed for rough use and facilitates delicate lifting and lowering of loads regardless. "SOFT TOUCH" controls facilitate the task in combination with automatically controlled gripping tools.

The versatile operator's handle variants and their combination possibilities create flexibility for integration of customer-specific load handling devices and the adaption of vacuum gripper systems. The electronic lifting devices are not only functionally compatible, every system can be run with any control unit (multiple at the same time as well). Two control units or simultaneous operation of two drives - you need it, you get it! Load indicator, overload threshold, and sensor controls are self explanatory as well - an outlet suffices.

Your advantages

  • Universally implementable
  • Recessed operator handle mount at the lifting device
  • Key-driven operator handle
  • Sensor-controlled operation, with extended handle too
  • Sensor module for customer-specific load spreaders
  • Continuous one-hand operation
  • Rotary feedthrough for controls and compressed air supply
  • Integrated SPS control (iQ variants)
  • Multiple controls simultaneously available
  • Modular concept

G-Force Articulated arm systems

Modular and scalable lifting technology for all weight categories. Handling is happening everywhere and forms the interface to automated processes. Handling systems must therefore convince by their effortless operation and ergonomics. When it comes to integration of handling systems in confined space, e-Motion articulated arm manipulators are your first choice always. Regardless of what a lifting device is needed for, an articulated arm offers perfect support in the radial environment of a work place. These flexible lifting devices effectively assist the effortless positioning of loads. Articulated arms offer manifold advantages as the drive does not need to be moved along with the load. The ease of handling is not only determined by the drive alone, but rather by correct dimensions of the arms and a low tare weight. We therefore optimize the production length according to your work processes and facilitate optimal use of the used drives this way.

Dynamic modification of handling The use of an articulated arm manipulator facilitates minimizing movement force; there is no rail packet following your movements. Moreover, we build extension packages perfectly adjusted to your height limits and extension radiuses which do not require development but are produced on the basis of a construction kit.

Your advantages

  • Customizable lengths of poles and arms
  • Articulated or pivoting arm as required
  • Easy refitting/upgrade of different lifting assist devices
  • Minimum space
  • Suspended setup as well
  • Coloring and coating according to the customer’s specification
  • Internal supply channels for media and control lines
  • Maximum stability combined with lowest operating force
  • Torque support up to 1.000 Nm, as Z-axis or parallelogram
  • Manual and fast