e-Motion Products

Where flexibility comes from

Configurable Intelligent lifting devices for assembly and logistic processes

  • Railway operation with workstation and jib crane
  • Controlling articulated manipulators also with vertical slide rail
  • Powering parallelogram manipulator with servo drive technology
  • Driving telescopic axles with high torque loads in float mode
  • Use chain hoist capacities combined with balancer advantages
  • Select from largest range of handle and drive controls

What intelligent electric balancer can provide you

No restricted lifting stroke and unlimited to upgrade for new tasks

  • Automatic and stepless speed adjustment to applied load
  • Select the handle to work with from menu in-line with the load or remote mounted
  • Customer user overload setting and load collective read out
  • User display interface and USB connector and optional WLAN access
  • Open communication concept, ready for industry 4.XX
  • I/O module for easy gripper control design and more security