Our development is fast and customer-specific

We produce operator handles optimized for various different tasks; they optimize both driving and lifting of very different types of loads.

The use of high-quality compatible components allows developing flexible systems for constantly new challenges in load handling. Secure and ergonomic gripper technology is crucial for efficient and effort-saving movement and positioning of loads. We integrate customer-specific controls into our gripping systems and facilitate integration of the controls into the gripping tool directly.

Your Advantages

  • Profile assessment
  • Feasibility studies and concept design
  • Process design and development
  • Gripping tool construction 2D / 3D
  • Multiple controls simultaneously available
  • Project management / Monitoring
  • Rotary feedthrough for controls and compressed air supply
  • Integrated SPS control (iQ variants)
  • Creation of controls’ wiring and layouts
  • Modular concept